Tufts University

All around the world, there has been a scramble for the immediate construction of facilities in response to the growing number of patients affected by COVID-19. President of Tufts University emphasises the need for colleges and universities to lead the efforts to alleviate the pressure posed by this pandemic on healthcare systems. Tufts, in particular, has demonstrated its preparedness to open its doors to patients with COVID-19.

Collaboration with communities

In its search for effective operations and communications advice, Tufts has reached out to military fellows, graduate students and the Fletcher School faculty. These groups possess a unique set of experiences that can benefit the establishment of campus operations amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Assistance to local hospitals

The rapidly increasing number of patients with COVID-19 is bound to impact the availability of inpatient hospital beds. In response to the impending need to ensure adequate space at Tufts Medical Center, Tufts has offered several of its residential units to patients requiring ‘non-essential medical services, such as post-operative physical therapy’.

Provision of rooms and other vital facilities

Given the shutting down of schools across the country, higher education leaders may consider identifying residential units on campus that could serve as areas where individuals could self-quarantine. Tufts has identified university parking lots, open spaces and gymnasiums as possible venues where drive-through triage centres and field hospitals can be set up.

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